Frequently Asked Questions

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How many guests can your venue accommodate?

We have enough seating and space for up to 200 guests.

Is your venue temperature controlled?

Yes! Heating in the winter and A.C. in the summer. No matter the temperature or the weather we will keep you and your guests comfortable.

What happens if it rains?

Heaven forbid it rain on your wedding day! But if it does, we've got you covered, literally. You can easily move your ceremony into the reception Lodge. If you prefer outside even with the elements, you can hire a tent to be set up for you and your guests to sit under.

Is there more than one outdoor ceremony area?

Yes! We have 3-4 great locations you can choose from for your ceremony. We can discuss each different area when you call us to book or come for a tour.

Do you require an appointment for a venue tour or can we come and look on our own?

We want you to see every angle and know every detail when booking your venue, so we do require an appointment.